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Union Grove Feed Mill ~ Quality Grains


Union Grove Feed, LLC is a 21st century blend of a landmark family business, owned and operated locally since 1935, and a fast-growing company committed to innovative development focusing on quality products that are nutritionally dense, environmentally sustainable, and offered to you at an affordable price.

Although the mill began as a flour mill to bring electricity to the area, livestock feed has been the sole focus since the 1970's. This single-pointed focus has worked to develop great products for equine and other livestock. 

The mill offers a Schnupp's flame grain roaster. Roasted grains are tossed repeatedly through a fire-jet that is 2600° Fahrenheit. Not only does this sterilize each grain, it also significantly increases digestibility and palatability.

Union Grove Feed, LLC is a licensed dealer of RMH self-propelled mixers and  also has a trailer and equipment repair shop to help with customer’s farming and feeding needs in the most efficient and economical way possible.

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Union Grove Feed, LLC. | P.O. Box 8, Union Grove, NC 28689 | 704-539-5109
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Union Grove Feed Mill, Manufacturer of Quality Livestock Feed